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19 July 2014 @ 09:39 pm
Married in Haste 5  
Hyukjae grumbled as he felt pain drilling onto his head. How many times has he sworn never to drink more than he can handle? Ugh.

He groaned once more and blindly reached out for a pillow to cover his face with, he needs more sleep, but instead of finding a soft fluffy thing, his hand landed on... something else..

His heart raced and he cursed silently, he doesn’t need to look, he’s quite sure there’s a body right next to him!

Shit!shit, did I hook up with a stranger?!

He tried to recall the events from the past night but he could not remember anything! He was so drunk the night before and he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if indeed slept with a stranger.. and what will Donghae think of him?

wait, i don't care about what----

The stranger next to him moved and Hyukjae's eyes widened as he felt an arm wrap around his waist. As if that was not enough, the stranger snuggled closer and buried his head on his neck!

Unable to hold his calm and with his eyes still closed he began thrashing out of the other's hold. He kicked and he punched and the other groaned in pain.

"get out away from me you pervert! Get away!!!!” He screeched.

"What the---" the 'stranger' mumbled irritably.

Oh fuck. Hyukjae cursed. The ‘stranger’s’ voice… holy f---, he wish he could turn to ash and just vanish from the surface of the earth.

Hyukjae opened his eyes and saw that Donghae was looking at him with confusion written all over his face as if he has the rights to be puzzled!

"Why are you here?! What did you do to me?!" Hyukjae sat up and demanded an answer.

Donghae didn’t answer him right away instead, he surveyed the room and when his gaze met Hyukjae, the corner of his lips pulled up in to a smirk.

"Lee Hyukjae, i think i should be the one asking you that question. What are you doing here, IN MY ROOM?"


Donghae’s eyes danced in obvious amusement while Hyukjae’s eyes frantically scanned the room and to his horror, he was indeed in Donghae’s room!

“So, you finally.. gave in and decided to break in into my room?”

“I-I’d never do that! Who do you think you are?! I was drunk and---“ what if I really did it? No! That’s impossible; I would never ever give myself such embarrassment! “Yah! Don’t twist this story; I’m pretty sure you’re the one who brought me here. You’re the one who’s been fancying me and after seeing me so drunk last night, you—you took advantage of me! That’s it! That’s why I am here!” He said crossly trying to cover up his embarrassment with his pride.

Donghae looked at him intently but he was unable to hold up in the staring battle and he looked away.

“I do fancy you but I don’t believe in forcing people, the fact that you’re here, that certainly means that it was your decision to be here.” Donghae replied flatly.

“Why would I want to be here?!”

“I don’t know. I can’t remember anything” Donghae replied tonelessly. He thought he was having a beautiful dream that Hyukjae was finally sleeping beside him but reality just had to ruin it for him.

“Did we have sex?!” Hyukjae asked before he could even stop his mouth realization hit him quickly as he realized that they were still both fully clothed. “Forget it, obviously w-we’ve been set up. Just—forget everything. I’m going back to my room!”

Without letting Donghae utter another word, Hyukjae jumped out of bed and dashed to the door but he was greeted by Sungmin’s smiling face.

“Good morning Hyuk, I was just about to call you and Donghae for lunch---“ Sungmin said it like there was nothing wrong.

“Wait, you know that I am here?!”


“Why did you let me sleep here?”

“Yes, Why is he in my room?!” Donghae who was already behind Hyukjae seconded his question.

Hyukjae felt shivers run down his body with the feel of the other’s breath on his nape.

“You weirdoes. Of course you’ll be sleeping together. You’re married now.” Sungmin said with a satisfied smile.

“What?!” Hyukjae blurted out.

“Married?!” Donghae said at the same time.

“Oh, Hubby’s right. You idiots would react like this.. check the rings on your fingers.”

They did and they found out that they were wearing matching white gold rings. The rings were simple, but it definitely looked like wedding rings.

Sungmin sighed at the disbelief painting the two’s faces.

“I guess you two better shower to get rid of your hangovers, let’s have lunch together so we can explain to you what happened last night.” Sungmin left to go back to his and Kyuhyun’s room.


“Let’s talk about this later, my head is pounding.” Hyukjae rushed out of the room.


Kyuhyun and Sungmin tried to liven up their lunch table by blabbering excitedly about the things that they can do later that day but both Hyukjae and Donghae remained passive.

“Okay, shall we discuss what happened last night then?”

“Yes because I don’t believe that I agreed to get married with him!” Hyukjae blurted out.

“Yes, because I think it was actually him who forced me to get married.” Donghae shot right back at Hyukjae.

“Cut it out. Both of you wanted it.” Kyuhyun said in a matter of fact voice.

The two looked at him disbelievingly he shrugged and pulled out his cellphone and showed it to both of them


The couple’s brows shot up when they saw Donghae and Hyukjae walking back to their seat, hands all over each other.

“Alcohol really does wonders..” Kyuhyun smirked and Sungmin giggled.

“Yah! Kyuhyun-ah.. We want to get married.” Donghae announced.

“You’re just drunk.”

“Na-uh. We want to get married. Come on. Let’s go.”

“No, that’s alcohol talking Hyukjae, shut up. You’ll freak out tomorrow.”

“Sungminnie-ah… isn’t this what you wanted? Well, here it is, we realized we really, really, really like each other… so we’re getting married!” Hyukjae snickered like a kid and giggled even more when Donghae kissed him on the cheek.

“I really think, they’re just drunk that’s why they’re saying all of these..”

“Well, didn’t they say alcohol brings out the honesty in people? I think they really want to get married and this will end our struggle with both of them” Kyuhyun told Sungmin.

“They’ll kill us in the morning..” Sungmin said worriedly.

“They won’t trust me.” Kyuhyun gave him that reassuring smile that Sungmin has learned to trust over the years.

“You two are like totally drunk right now, and I’m sure you’ll be blaming us tomorrow morning..”

“Aish! Get your cellphone and record us.” Hyukjae insisted.

Kyuhyun began recording.

“My Name is Lee Donghae and I want to get married to Lee Hyukjae. I really, really, really want to. Is that enough?” Donghae asked with a drunken smirk.

“How about Hyukjae?”

Hyukjae grabbed Kyuhyun’s cellphone and began recording himself.

“I want to marry Donghae too, I won’t change my mind tomorrow, I promise—hic!”

“What will you do if you suddenly change your mind and get a divorce tomorrow?” Sungmin asked.

“I will give you half of the contents of my bank account” Donghae’s answered.

“You can take my car and I will pay your house rent for one year!” Hyukjae quipped.

“Wow, Now I believe that you two really wants to get married. Alright then, let’s see the judge”


“Still! How could you have let us do that knowing that we’re out of our minds?!” Hyukjae wailed. His face as red as tomato upon hearing his own statements from the video.

“It’s not as if we can stop you, you would have gone anyway with or without our consent” Sungmin told him.

Hyukjae expelled a deep breath, what’s done is done, but there’s always a way out. He turned to Donghae.

“This is Vegas. Marriages done here hardly hold any value… let’s get divorced right away..” Hyukjae said casually ignoring the little tug on the chest that he felt when he said those words.

“What if I don’t want to get divorced? What if I want to stay married to you?” Donghae said in a voice that indicated that he was not joking.

“W-What?” He eyed Donghae, shocked with the other’s reply.

As vague as his memories of last night were, Donghae couldn’t deny the fact that he felt happy to hear that he and Hyukjae got married the night before and he thinks that this was the opportunity that he’s been waiting for, for the longest time. Finally, an opportunity to prove to Hyukjae that he’s a good man and that he deserves to be given a chance.

“I can hardly remember anything last night but there’s one thing I can recall, that is, you owe me a date because you misjudged me in the past.”

Hyukjae’s mouth fell open and close but he wasn’t able croak out any word.

“I have a proposal to you—“ Donghae began but fear already crept inside Hyukjae’s mind. What if Donghae uses this opportunity to hurt him?

“No, let’s get divorced. I don’t care if we beat Britney Spears’ record in the shortage marriage, let’s get divorced!” He replied in finality.

“Hyukjae-ah, why don’t you listen first to Donghae’s proposal?” Sungmin countered softly.

“I don’t have to, You heard him right? He said I misjudged him in the past, he’s holding a grudge against me and I know for sure that he just wants to take revenge on me!”

“But aren’t you misjudging him again right now? You’re jumping into conclusion when you have zero bases for them. Don’t be such a child, Hyukjae” Kyuhyun said and Hyukjae felt angry and a bit frustrated. How come no one’s taking his side in ending this nuisance?

“Fine, I’ll listen but don’t expect me to change my mind!” He scoffed.

“Good, I guess I didn’t have to remind you about what you said in the video..” Sungmin smiled teasingly.

“Shut up, Minnie!”

“Okay..” Donghae spoke up, this time he was looking straight at Hyukjae’s eyes. The latter noticed that Donghae was wearing his ‘wedding ring’. His cheeks flushed. He didn’t wear his on his finger but he used it as a pendant on the necklace he’s wearing.

“Let’s stay married for three months and I’ll prove all of your assumptions wrong, I’ll show you that I can be a good husband to you.” Donghae said every single word as if he meant them and it sounded genuinely sincere.

“What if after three months I still want a divorce?” Hyukjae bit his lips after asking. He didn’t mean to change his mind so quickly, but the way Donghae looked at him was.. different.

“I’ll give it to you, no questions asked..”

“and sex?”

“Lee Hyukjae, don’t be such a prude!” Sungmin scrunched his face.

“I won’t force you to do it, We’ll only do it if you, yourself want it” Donghae guaranteed.

“And that will never happen..” Hyukjae mumbled.

“So? Yes or no?”

“3 months it is..”

Hyukjae looked away but he didn’t miss how Donghae’s expression lit up. Kyuhyun and Sungmin looked genuinely pleased with his decision as well. He sighed, he can feel his anticipation rising, but there’s no way he’s gonna let it show. He’s had too much embarrassment in one day.

After finishing their lunch they decided to take a little walk around the city, much to Hyukjae’s surprise, Donghae took his hand and interlaced their fingers. He gave the other a questioning gaze.

“We’re newlyweds, I think it’s just right that we act like one..” Donghae’s smile was from ear to ear, no trace of teasing or mocking he just really looked genuinely happy.

He should be complaining that it’s making him uncomfortable but he couldn’t, because it doesn’t. In fact, he kind of like it and warm feeling that it brought.

“You should wear your wedding ring, okay? I’ll keep on wearing mine, too.”


Un-betaed as always.Pardon grammatical mistakes and typos. :)

hitsuhitsugaya15 on July 19th, 2014 06:15 pm (UTC)
“Lee Hyukjae, don’t be such a prude!” LOLLL I love Sungmin! <3 this is quite interesting hehehe I love married haehyuk so much and the fact that hae wants to stay married for a while. muhahahahaha!!! love it! ^^ hyukkie's so cute!
jewelgurl0404jewelgurl0404 on July 20th, 2014 06:01 pm (UTC)
omg eunhae married just bcs they are drunk lol & its really hasty like in tittle
クリマ: donghaekurima on July 21st, 2014 12:12 am (UTC)
*_* yes! they got married!!!
hyuk is such a cutie! at least he keeps his ring with him
sakuvenderzirasakuvenderzira on July 22nd, 2014 04:20 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
Kikizkraahmad on July 23rd, 2014 08:22 am (UTC)
omg you update this!!!!
omg omg omg
i'm so happy about this! \o/
and wow they're married when they're drunk.
hyukjae.. we know you love him so stop playing hard to get, neh? just enjoy your marriage ^^
jewelf_13jewelf_13 on July 25th, 2014 04:55 pm (UTC)
welcome back :)
i miss you so bad. i meant i've been reading your works since forever. i thought you've completely disappeared. seriously, i'm so happy you still update. this is great..they are married to each other. donghae really likes hyukjae and hyukjae, it's about time that he realized that they should just stay with each other forever
kiddoelfkiddoelf on July 27th, 2014 01:06 pm (UTC)
They got married
So happy for them
Hope everything changes in this three months and hyukkie realised that hae was a perfect hubby meterial , especially for him
wiki_swewiki_swe on August 16th, 2014 11:09 am (UTC)
I just found this story...
And I really like it...

Good job author-nim...
Thanks for sharing.,..^^
aftan6 on August 16th, 2014 05:10 pm (UTC)
Sum1 recommended u (as eosinred ?)in their LJ n I followed u here .
Really like this fic . The push n pull dynamics btw Hae n Hyuk , u had written well enuf to intrigue me . Hyuk's intentional avoidance of Hae and yet the undeniable attractions . Their conscious actions constantly at war wif their hearts . And tat fate, in their vulnerable state , uncage their desire and open a window to selvage this connection wif each other . I really like this :) thx u for sharing this fic wif us .
loverteacherloverteacher on August 23rd, 2014 01:22 pm (UTC)
Finally..they get married...hyuk so cute..really love him...
Ohgamjayumyumfishy on September 12th, 2014 11:40 am (UTC)
Hae did a good thing !! GETTING MARRIED FOR 3 MONTH ~ Hyuk won't be able to resist his charm !!!
It's gonna be really interesting between those 2. Hehehe Kyumin were so evil (kind of ! Hahaha)
Thanks ~
loverteacherloverteacher on September 13th, 2014 05:30 am (UTC)
Finally they got married...cnt wait another update...u really have a talent to write story...u shold be novel writer..huhuhu..love u